Sunrise Springs is an integrative wellness center where individuals are immersed
in an experience of balanced living

Combining the graciousness of an inn, with the amenities of a resort and spa, you’ll find Sunrise Springs, a serene oasis,
nestled among 70 acres of breathtaking, natural beauty in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We will offer four programs that incorporate our Balanced Living Plan™: a Short-term Immersion Program,
an Integrative Assessment Program, Therapeutic Retreats and Continuing Education Workshops for Professionals.

Through total immersion in the Sunrise Springs’ Balanced Living Lifestyle, we believe individuals will gain perspective
and learn new skills to support living a more fulfilling, less stressful, balanced, healthy, and peaceful life.
Our Balanced Living Lifestyle addresses the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of one’s being
and provides an individualized “road map” for achieving balance.

Please check back to see our complete website, and to learn more about our unique integrative approach to living a balanced life.